i love how damon conveniently forgot to tell elena that he almost killed her brother again



"i killed you once gilbert i can kill you again"

dont you just love how damon jokes about killing the most important person in elena’s life


Damon unsuccessfully trying to calm Elena down.



wet dream: damon is brutally murdered by every woman he has ever abused


Did you know Aaron Whitmore spent his entire life thinking his family was haunted by some death curse? Turns out that curse was your boyfriend systematically killing every member on his family tree. I’m curious. How does one justify that in their mind?



So, I was on twitter when a friend of mine (and a devout delena shipper) posted a link to this blog and commented “this is the second person i saw who used to stan damon and just decided to give up on him :/”

The first person she saw was me. When I first told my friend that I didn’t like Damon anymore, she thought I was kidding. And she laughed and snickered until she realized I wasn’t kidding anymore. She then said “How can you go from loving him to despising him so much? You cant just do that.” I tried to explain how I realized how terrible he was, but she couldn’t see it like I did, so I just gave up.

Let me back up. I used to be a HUGE Damon stan until about mid-season 4. I’ve loved Damon since season 1. I usually like tragic and dark characters, especially in supernatural shows, books, and movies. In season 1, Damon was the poster boy for that. So that set the stone for me. Despite what some people say, it’s difficult to stop liking a character you “stan”. It’s possible, but it’s hard and it usually takes time. So, as Damon’s characterization deteriorated, I ignored the signs. Everything was “oh poor thing he killed all those people because he’s sad god hes hot too”.

I also did not like Stefan at first. That was because even though I never really shipped Delena, I saw Stefan as getting in the way of Damon’s happiness. It didn’t matter that I didn’t like or understand Damon and Elena together. I just wanted Damon to get everything he wanted, no matter what. And I think a lot of Damon stans secretly feel like this. They would never admit it but they probably don’t even ship Delena or even care about Elena at all. They just want Delena to be canon because that means Damon gets what he wants.

I didn’t start realizing what a better character Stefan was until season 3. He got so many more layers in that season and he blew me away. Then I went back and watched season 1 and 2 and I found myself becoming disgusted with Damon and appreciating Stefan a lot more. He’s been through worst hells than Damon whereas Damon’s biggest problems were that the two women he obsessed over did not love him back in the ways he wanted them to.

So, while I was secretly stanning Stefan and appreciating Stelena in the earlier seasons like I’ve never done before (secret because all of my twitter friends hated Stefan’s guts and I was too afraid to speak up), I was secretly beginning to doubt Damon. Then I discovered mysticdownfall and whatever remaining love I had for Damon just evaporated. It got to the point where I couldn’t bare to hear him even speak, he disgusted me so much. I would have killed for a Delena sex scene 2 years ago, but now the thought of Damon even touching Elena makes my skin crawl.

Ex-Damon stans are not “giving up on Damon” like some delena/damon fans are staying. We just became aware of what a piece of shit he is. And I feel like more people are realizing this every day. Damon went from someone who could have been a great anti-hero to an annoying, egotistical, abusive, unappreciative, complaining man-child. How and why am I supposed to keep stanning that? Because he’s hot?

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blainehowler asked: I've missed you and your sanity. Quit watching Vampire Diaries, but my loathing for Damon still burns strong.

Thank you :) Me too. 

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sce05 asked: Do you support Damon Salvatore?

Have you looked at our blog?

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